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How Can You Better Family Ties In A Lockdown?

To prevent the spread of the deadly COVID-19 Pandemic- many families may again confine themselves to their homes. Children never really got to live and be with their parents, thanks to the working hours, submissions, and deadlines. But the quarantine may introduce them to their parents all over again.

Throughout history, quarantine-like scenarios have popped up where parents of olden times indulged in indoor games to keep the time running and children beaming with glory.

The same can come into the picture even today.

Here are five ways to help you better broken or tormented family ties in a lockdown–


  • Distribute the chores

Lockdown means no maidservants to resolve your household chores. You have to do the household chores by yourself. There is no helping hand other than your family members. Distributing the household chores will increase your connection and cement a rare form of friendship. Chore distribution may help highlight your skills- who can vouch for that?


  • Slog and sport

The second name for lockdown is remote work. Your house becomes your workspace and your playground. A little bit of work and a lot of play never made any jack a lazy boy. Family ties will better once you spend quality time playing games with each other. Sports can bring different nations together, then what’s a family?


  • Binge eat together

There is no diet controller in your house, and so you can binge on junk food together as a family. Eating together lets you spend more quality with each other. It reinforces communication and strengthens the bonding of the family members. Binge-eating together may bolster you to share funny stories of family.


  • Watch online shows

When will you use the home theatre system? There are tonnes of family shows for you on online television platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and the like. Your brain will end up getting clogged, but you won’t find a better solution for bettering your family time than binge-watching on a show.


  • Spread the fire of positivity

Times like these are a rarity in itself. You don’t want to wake up one and find out that the world is going to doom. So, try to be as positive as you can in the family. A lockdown may force you to be with someone you never thought of being with, but you cannot help it. All you can do is better your family bonding and strengthen yourself from the inside. Find the positivity fire in you. Spread the positivity fire in you.

One thing stopping you from creating a flowery bubble for your family is your sense of non-support. It is super important to encourage support in tumultuous times like lockdown.

The main goal is to rejoice together in whatever situation arises. Be it good news or bad news. The whole point is to feel empowered living with one another. What better place to feel empowered than home?

Hunt for happiness with your family, now and then.