Why is LEGO So Expensive?

LEGOs are so expensive than what they started with and they did not go unnoticed by people around the globe. These were the tiny blocks that everyone played as children, and were easy to find everywhere. When attached could turn into an airplane, a house, or an even boat – now cost you an arm and a leg!

When and how did it happen? Why is it that when we now go to a toy store to buy a box of LEGO, we end up looking at some sky-touching prices? What is so special about LEGO?

Well, LEGOs are not ”plastic toys”. It is a little complicated to find the fine line between success and failure when it comes to the LEGO business.

These days when you can find LEGOs of any size or shape, variety, and taste, it is still difficult for people to buy them.


Why is LEGO So Expensive?

In the LEGO business, it is tricky to convince people that a simple box of plastic blocks is worth all the money. Yet, let us try to simplify it for you.

1. When you buy LEGO, you do not buy plastic toys. Rather, you get the quality and safety of your children who may end up playing with them. The LEGO company swears by its quality and strength. The high-level plastic used in making these tiny bricks is durable. It is also safer in comparison to other toys made up of cheap plastic. LEGOs are by far the strongest when it comes to plastic toys. If you ever stepped on one by mistake, you might know what I’m talking about. Hence, you pay the price of quality.

2. LEGO had lost its trademark deal in 2010. Yet, the company did rise again but this time, they got their licensing game strong. The various themes that we today see in the LEGO market are results of the license obtained by banners. These include Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Marvel. To cover these licensing expenses and to keep up with the trending themes, the prices gave profit.

3. The packaging of LEGO is incredible. Every LEGO brick has a unique number written on the inner side. The choice of all the pieces is careful and packed to ensure precision and to avoid any mistake. This requires proper equipment and tunings.

4. LEGO is not a company, it is a brand in itself. LEGO world is a theme park which is another way for the company for marketing itself. The expenses made to market these small toys leave a lasting impact on the customer by making them relive their childhood, LEGO knows how to do it. So the price you pay is not for the toy, it is also the price for the nostalgia you feel while building something with it.

5. LEGOs are unique toys that are available for all ages. No matter if you are of a year or ninety-nine, there would be one age-appropriate box for you. It is not something every toy can do.

Above that, LEGOs are very essential for the mental development of different ages. That is why LEGO building is advisable from a very young age.


When you consider all the points, you will understand how LEGOs are not overpriced. Rather, the type of product you get, the price is pretty reasonable. So the next time you buy a LEGO set, preserve it. Who knows, you might be holding the most expensive toy of the future.