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Incest Is Back Or Still Breathes In The History? (Do You Fancy Your Cousin?)

Attraction and infatuation are pretty conventional terms in the language of a teenage soul, or for that matter, in the world of full-grown adults. But getting attracted or infatuated with your cousin is something abnormal. Well, for the cultural, religious, and law-abiding world, incest is still a crime.




Do you know how werewolves survive in the world of love and fantasy? They fall for the person they imprint. Likewise, you cannot stop someone from falling for their cousin. The real world may prevent you from falling for your cousin, but it can happen too fast and irrevocably in the world of fantasies.



Back in the good old days of less population and more mistrust, people wedded their sons and daughters to their cousins. It all revolved around the fact that the blood stays pure, family stays in the family, and love dignifies the family.


These marriages got mostly arranged agreements. But in today’s times, there’s a proper phenomenon called genetic sexual attraction – GSA. If we dig deeper, it is getting drawn to the person with similar physical characteristics. Most scientists believe it is not a direct sexual, mental or physical connection. There is no genetic-to-genetic attraction. It’s just that people tend to get attracted to people with who they share similar interests and personality traits.



Marrying your cousin may not necessarily give you fruitful off-springs. They come with genetic abnormalities like spina bifida and cystic fibrosis. Hence, most people do not support the marriage between cousins.




  • Know that it is pretty normal to crush on your cousin

Hormonal changes take place in your body, mind, and heart. They lead you to believe love is everything and it has no age, caste, creed, blood, or religious barrier. Thinking about your cousin as a crush is pretty conventional for any person. Acknowledge it. Try not to be ashamed of it.


  • Try to get attracted to other people.

Keeping everything in mind, you need to know that marrying your cousin may never go right with your people. So, try looking for other people around.


  • Give yourself time to get over your cousin.


Your cousin may even look at you with eyes of sibling love, but there will always be a sibling-like attachment from his/her side. Take time to get over your cousin. You cannot force-feed someone into falling for you.


  • Cry if you feel like your world is crushing.

The feelings you are going through cannot ever get comprehended by anyone. Grieve, if you must, cry if you should. But do get back up and dust yourself.

  • Look after yourself more than anybody else.

You are your knight in shining armor. Nobody’s going to save you when you are falling in love with your cousin. It is your battle with yourself. Make sure you come out with flying colors.