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How to Tell Someone to Clean Their House

It is possible that during the visit to the house of your friend or relative, you find an environment that does not smell particularly good. These types of situations are usually quite uncomfortable and can cause us a certain level of confusion and tension. This is because it is difficult for us to know how to act and what to do to avoid hurting the feelings of others, but at the same time, we feel rejected in the face of such an unpleasant stimulus.

There are several coping strategies in the face of being in the home of someone who smells bad due to lack of hygiene. In this article, we will explain the best ways to manage the situation and know how to tell someone in the best possible way, that their house needs cleaning.


What to Do When you Visit Someone’s Home that Smells Bad and is Dirty?

The bad smell of the home environment is created by the accumulation of bacteria, i. e. when there is organic material that has decomposed or by humidity. People who live with that constant smell, over time, tend not to feel them but for you, it can be one of the most unpleasant sensations that even takes us away from that person but we have to resolve the situation in the best possible way. Here are some strategies we can use if we don’t know what to do.


1. Ignore the problem

Some people choose to ignore the situation and continue to maintain the same type of relationship with that person. Ignoring that dirt avoids coming into conflict with that person. This coping style is not very effective if the odor and environment are extremely unpleasant. It is best to understand the situation and make a mature and courageous decision.


2. Avoid that home

Many people tend to choose to stay away from the person whose house is in poor condition as this can be a quick and effective solution. However, it may not be so easy for us to walk away from that person if he or she is our best friend. If he is someone very close, the best thing is to propose a solution based on communication.


3. Talk about dirt in the home

Talking to someone about the condition of her/his home depends on many factors. Depending on the type of relationship we have, we must choose one communicative style or another. Before talking to that person, it is important to stop for a moment to think about how we can communicate it in the best possible way, being clear but without damaging their feelings.


How to Tell My Friend that His/Her House is Very Dirty Without Offending?

If the person who has their dirty home is someone we care for, the best thing to do is let them know. If we decide to talk things directly, it will be better to follow a series of tips to facilitate the most appropriate communication possible:

  • Find out beforehand if they have a problem: it is possible that this person is already aware of their situation and that they are not cleaning because they are having a bad time. Before you share your thoughts with him/her, you need to find out how he feels and if he needs some help.
  • Try hints: leaving an air freshener, giving her/him a floor sanitizer, or offering to clean may sound like good ideas at first, but the clearer language may be necessary to address these sorts of topics.
  • Look for the best moment: It is not always the best situation to tell someone about this. It is important to find a quiet moment in which the other is attentive and willing to listen to what we have to say.

  • Invite him/her to your home: If he/she is a person you love and trust, invite him/her to your home to see the order and cleanliness, and take the opportunity to talk. It is very important to communicate the situation in a place where they do not feel attacked and can take the news with relative ease.