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How To Get Rid of a Unibrow for Kids: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve ever had a unibrow, you know what it’s like to be the only kid with the same facial feature in your class.

However, if your unibrow is becoming more noticeable than before, it could negatively affect your self-esteem and social life. Therefore, you need to know how to get rid of a unibrow for kids as soon as possible to save yourself some embarrassment and stress. This article will explain everything you need to know about getting rid of a unibrow for kids, including the most common procedures used by dermatologists and unibrow specialists.


What is a Unibrow?

A unibrow is the term dermatologists use to describe a line that extends from one corner of the nose to the other. This usually happens when an individual’s brow ridges grow too close together.

A unibrow for kids is a very common condition that can affect anyone who has had their first set of brow ridges appear early. It’s also possible that your brow ridges become a little less well-defined as you’ve gotten older, making it even more noticeable. If you’ve been seeing a unibrow specialist, you’ll no doubt be keen to know how to get rid of it.

However, we should begin by discussing why it happens in the first place. The brow ridges are usually formed around the time you first start to smile. When the doctor lifts your lips to check your teeth, they cross your brow ridges simultaneously. If you’ve been born with brow ridges too close together, your nose will be puckered in the middle where the two brow ridges meet. It’s also possible that your brow ridges will be further apart than usual, causing a unibrow.


What Causes a Unibrow for Kids?

A unibrow is caused by the brow ridges growing too closely together. It’s not unusual for brow ridges to be a little less well-defined as you get older, as the skin around your eyes gets stretched and sags. If you’ve been blessed with a less prominent brow ridge, you don’t have to worry about it negatively affecting your confidence or your love life.

However, if your brows are more pronounced than most people’s, you might be at a greater risk of being made fun of. Kids often make fun of children with prominent noses or lips, and even adults may find it difficult to date someone with very noticeable features.


How to Get Rid of a Unibrow for Kids

If you want to get rid of a unibrow for kids, you’ll need to find a specialist who is experienced in this type of procedure. Some unibrow specialists also offer laser hair removal; you can find out more about this from your chosen business.

There are two methods dermatologists, and unibrow specialists use to get rid of a unibrow. The first method is stitching the brow ridges together to close the gap. Then, the doctor may either dab some stitches over the unibrow or may completely close the gap with a stitch.

To get rid of your unibrow for good, you’ll need to come back every few weeks to have the stitches removed. Alternatively, the specialist may use suction to remove the hair from the brow ridge, similar to how a dentist uses a suction machine to remove plaque from your teeth. This is the most common method used to remove a unibrow for kids, which is why it’s important to find a specialized doctor.


Tips & Warnings Before You Remove Your Unibrow

Before you start to get your hands dirty, it’s essential to know a little more about why your unibrow is there in the first place. You might be surprised to learn that a unibrow isn’t caused by poor hygiene. Instead, it’s usually caused by genetic factors that affect the development of your brow ridge.

So if your parents or grandparents had a prominent brow ridge, then you’re more likely to inherit these genes than someone whose parents had a less prominent brow ridge. This means that you might be better off removing your unibrow if you don’t feel comfortable with how it looks because it may be genetic.


Aftercare for a Unibrow

If you’re planning to undergo the procedure to stitch your brow ridges together, then you should visit the doctor’s office a few weeks before the process to get your stitches replaced. You may be concerned about how your unibrow will look after the procedure, but as long as you visit the doctor’s office properly, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Some doctors will prescribe anti-aging creams or anti-aging sprays that can reduce the appearance of scars, while others will perform a quick procedure in which the stitches are barely visible. Either way, it’s essential to make sure you visit the doctor’s office two to four weeks after your procedure to ensure that your stitches are healing correctly.



If you have a unibrow, then you’re not alone. Many people have unibrows and don’t really experience any social stigma from other people. However, if yours is becoming too noticeable, you need to know how to eliminate it. You can safely get rid of your unibrow with a relatively painless procedure. Just follow the tips in this article to get it done right.