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After completing his pediatric residency at Massachusetts General Hopsital, and then a fellowship in child development with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, Bill started a practice combining his medical expertise with his interest in child development that attracted patients from every New England state.

For the last ten years he has been head of Red Tae Associates, a non-profit organization that has served parents across America in rural, suburban, and inner-city areas. Parents seek assistance by phone ( 800 422 6661) or personal consultation on topics ranging from breast feeding to adolescent dating, school performance to the effects of divorce. He has been quoted in numerous magazine articles as well as appearing on many television and radio shows.

His books, including the widely acclaimed Self-Calmed Baby, have been excerpted and cited frequently, and with Jenny Lewis he has recently released Don't Divorce Your Children, a ground-breaking book which advocates for the children of divorce.

Bill and Jenny have collaborated professionally since the fellowship with Dr. Brazelton. They are currently working on web based materials for parents that provide interactive education about children and parenting.

"My goal has always been to help families build strong parent-child relationships that foster children becoming more self-sufficient. As I have had the opportunity to listen to children from around the country and around the world, I have found new ways to enable parents to understand both the meaning of their children's behavior and the range of what their children are thinking and feeling. This approach lets the whole family participate in creating solutions that resolve problems, and prevent others from occurring."

Williams College. Graduated 1970, Phi Beta Kappa & Magna cum Laude

1974 University of Rochester Medical School. Graduated AOA

1974-1977 Residency training in pediatrics Massachusetts General Hospital,

1977-1979 Fellowship training at Harvard Medical School, Child Development Unit at Children's Hospital, Boston, with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

1979-1989 Primary care pediatric practice

1989-present Red Tae Associates consultation practice behavioral pediatrics


Jenny, a primary care pediatrician, did her medical training in London, England, and at Children's Hospital Medical Center in Boston. She then pursued her interest in child development and behavior in a fellowship at Harvard Medical School under the directorship of Dr. T. Berry Brazelton.

Since that time she has built a primary care pediatric practice with a special emphasis on the behavioral and developmental issues of infancy and childhood. She has consulted to teachers, daycare centers, and parent groups and given numerous workshops, seminars and presentations.

She is the co-author with Dr. William Sammons of Premature Babies: a Different Beginning and of the newly released Don't Divorce Your Children (Contemporary Books, 1999) which helps parents understand their children's perspective and needs during the life changes engendered by divorce. The primary goal of this book, and Jenny's work with parents in general, is to keep parents and children of all ages communicating and enjoying each other.

"As pediatrician and mother of two teenage daughters my pleasure is in helping parents enjoy and celebrate the uniqueness and individuality of their children. Watching and listening to children of all ages is my favorite activity and I urge parents to make it theirs. Through our children we learn not only about their thoughts and feelings, but also about our own. When we are open to appreciating how much they can teach us, we all become better parents."

University College Hospital, London, England. Graduated 1971

1971-1976 Residency training in internal medicine, obstetrics and pediatrics

1976-1977 Senior residency at Children's Hospital Medical Center, Boston

1977-1979 Fellowship training at Harvard Medical School, Child Development Unit at Children's Hospital, Boston, with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton

1979 - present Primary care pediatric practice

1995 - present Behavioral pediatrics consulting practice

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