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Drawing on our understanding of child development and our experience, we have constructed a list of children's rights,which are the cornerstone of our thinking. Recognizing these rights is the key to healthy and joyful post-divorce relationships with children.

--A lasting relationship with both parents
--Number one status in their parents' lives
--Parental cooperation throughout the divorce
--Truthful answers to their questions
--Relief from feelings of guilt and blame
--Freedom from interparental hostility
--Attention to their thoughts and feelings
--Input into the visitation schedule
--Privacy in communication with family and friends
--No displacement by competing relationships
--No requirement to parent their parents
--Freedom from the role of messenger
--No coercion to keep secrets
--An understanding of the divorce agreement

Index of Resources

These rights are explored in Don't Divorce Your Children.
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Excerpted from Don't Divorce Your Children (Contemporary, 1999)